Feel Beautiful and Alive Again: Discover how to rejuvenate your body, melt the extra weight and re-birth a beautiful life after going through a time of challenge or transition.


Many women, who because of some wake up call in their life:


  • A Divorce or Marital Problems,
  • Serious Illness,
  • Death In The Family,
  • Changing Careers,
  • Or Other Personal Trauma 

Feel lost and overwhelmed by their circumstances and like many  women, who give and give and give, it takes a big change before we realize we need to care for ourselves. 

It takes a targeted shift to feel alive and beautiful again.

I want to share how I turned things around in how I felt about myself and my body, how I looked and ultimately how I kept off 30 pounds through a rejuvenative approach vs deprivation approach.

Why rejuvenative approach? Because women who have been through a challenging time, or a big transition, have sacrificed enough. We have  ignored our own needs, and our self-care. We “forgot” about ourselves and went into survival mode.

Depleting behavior is what got got you here and you need to do something different to get yourself out of that place. You don’t need one more thing in your life that has you depriving, doing without. You need to replenish.

So that’s what my strategies will be about. About filling you back up, with strategies that not only make a big, permanent difference, but feel good and enjoyable to partake in.

How Eating Consciously Can Change How You Feel and Look

The first thing I did, was that I discovered conscious eating.

What do I mean by conscious eating? It may be most helpful to describe what it’s not…

  • It’s not about cleansing, fasting (doesn’t that sound even more depleting to you?)
  • It’s not about supercharging and powering up your diet (aren’t you just tired hearing those words?)
  • It’s not about counting calories and points (ditto above + this is miserable way to live)
  • It’s not about practicing “behavior modification”  – this is a backwards approach! You don’t have to trick your body into new habits or into being “good”.
  • It’s not about rigid meal planning – How would you know what would be a satisfying meal next wednesday? Have you tried to eat a salad when what you really want is a big fat juicy steak? Yeah…not great.. Unless that salad is a side dish to said steak! : )  
  • It’s not about another diet that helps you lose enough weight to get into your “thin clothes,”  – only to start the climb right back to the top as soon as you loosen up on all the deprivation and restrictions.

All of this is based on EXTERNAL measures or said differently, looking outside of yourself for yourself.

What conscious eating IS…

– Learning to connect and trust in the messages your body gives you about hunger. OR Learning to gain enough trust in the natural potential of the body to know that it is capable of giving you reliable messages about hunger.

– this means, getting out of your head and into your body

– this means re-educating yourself in the eating process and trusting what your body says it’s needs, vs what a nutritionist, or magazine article says you “should” be eating or what works for a girlfriend

– an internal measure vs external measure

– essentially, about reacquainting yourself with your body’s natural potential.

Why is this important in relation to feeling alive and beautiful again?

– it has you playing a different game – the third alternative

– it gets you out of the “compare and despair” game

– it rebuilds and rejuvenates you because it’s not about trying to measure up to some external standard

– It frees up your energy by :

  • Re-educating you in the eating process so you can eat what you want, when you want it, without having to worry about the weight gain/weight loss pattern again.
  • Teaching you how to become one of those “blessed” people who can eat with freedom and enjoyment and still melt and keep weight off.
  • Letting go of constantly being absorbed with thoughts about weight, food and calories.
  • Teaches you to become aware of your eating patterns so you can eliminate the weight problem, not just the weight itself.
  • It teaches you how to respond to your body’s hunger and comfort rather than to a variety of obsessions and ingrained patterns.
  • It teaches you how to honor and satisfy your cravings, not “overcome,” avoid, or save it for “cheat days.”
  • Teaches you the freedom to eat when it is natural to eat, to enjoy what we choose to eat, not what we think we “should” be eating.

I had a friend who used to call me to see if I would join her for dinner, claiming that she was starved. We’d meet at a restaurant. Sometimes she would finish all her food, sometimes only half, and sometimes she would eat only three or four bites and then push her plate aside. I could not understand this kind of behavior. 

“You’re really crazy,” I’d tell her. “You acted as though you were starving and then you didn’t even finish all your food.” She would shrug and say, “I’ve had enough. I’m good.” I continued struggling with my weight and she remained trim as ever.

Then it clicked. If I could re-educate myself to eat like this, I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and would never have to worry about the weight gain/weight loss pattern again. There was a third alternative available.

I started paying attention.  I realized that if I used deliberate techniques to increase my awareness of the eating process, I could reconnect with my body, and then changes would happen naturally and easily.  




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that rejuvenates

your body, melts

the extra weight,

and re-births your


beautiful life


Here’s what I can show you how to do…
Lesson 1: Conscious Eating  
You will introduced to Conscious Eating Techniques and begin your exciting journey of melting the extra weight without tension, anxiety or interference of the mind.
I’ll provide specific and practical strategies to rediscovering your body, because the more attention we give the body, the better it will perform. I’ll show you how body awareness works and what to do, and how to focus attention without judging yourself. This is where you will begin to learn to quiet your “crazy maker” (your mind).

Lesson 2: How to Get in Touch with Your Hunger Levels

I’ll show you how to distinguish hunger from the urge to eat. You will learn how to get in touch with hunger and how to stay in touch with that hunger level. This is the most important technique for eliminating your weight problem, not just the physical weight, which is often temporary. It offers a simple, practical and permanent solution to end emotional eating .


Lesson 3: How the Past Affects Eating 
Here you will gain increasing awareness of how the past affects our eating and what to do about it. You will learn how to stop making current food decisions based on ingrained patterns that sabotage you, concepts of the past that keep you stuck and automatic reactions that blind you.
I will show you how to make food decisions based in the present moment, without distractions or judgments that prevent you from melting the extra weight and keeping it off for good. 
Lesson 4: Learning What the Body Wants to Eat 
Here I will show you how to eat with freedom, without suffering, anxiety or tension.  You will learn how to satisfy your cravings, not “overcome” them. I will teach how to listen to and distinguish cravings of your body, rather than your mind.
I will also teach you how to choose foods that satisfy YOUR body. Not based on: calories, healthy, unhealthy, what’s “proper,” usual, or what you’re “supposed” to eat. And not based on what works for a friend. Satisfaction is crucial in achieving food freedom and keeping the extra weight off.
Lesson 5: Time, Energy and your Self Image 
A simple and solid system to purposely direct your time, energy so that you will not limit yourself and keep repeating old patterns .
How we’ll work together: 
You will receive six, 60-minute private and personalized coaching sessions with me. Just you and I on the phone, going over each lesson step by step, and coaching you on any blocks you may have, or to run things by, talk things through, get feedback or share high-fives on a success.
You have 90 days of my coaching, support and 10+ years of experience ready to work with you through the lessons, and get my feedback on each step of the way. In between lessons, you will have access to me via email for any questions that come up.

​If you want more help after this course, and you’ve done the work in this program, we can talk about continuing to work together.


​Yes, I’m pretty selective about who I work with long-term so I always like to start our coaching relationship with a complete start-to-finish solution and coaching experience so I can see how you work.


Your Investment

What You’ll Get

  • You’ll receive personalized guidance on all the 5 Lessons I’ve outlined above to eliminating your weight problem for good and creating a life that is rejuvenating, energizing and replenishing.
  • You’ll receive six, 60-minute private coaching sessions with me to work on the lessons outlined above, ensuring you will be supported each step of the way. 
  • You’ll receive daily, online coaching via email (Mon-Fri) personalized to you, when you show up and ask questions, and actively engage in the program.
  • And you’ll have guides for everything you need to do to create simple and practical shifts, so you’ll never be wondering what to do next.

I think it’s fair to say that all of this is worth the money you will save in never having to buy into another “miracle” claiming to be the ultimate cure to lose weight. No more suffering through a diet that tells you to cut out your favorite foods claiming that some “evil” ingredient is responsible for your weight gain. No more wasting money on miracle pills to suppress appetite, or that promise to block or magically “burn” fats or carbs, or yet another “detox” fast.

What you need is freedom with food and eating – without anxiety, tension or suffering. Not another way to restrict or force yourself into having will power or resist temptation. Conscious Eating Techniques will teach you the skills to accomplish that.

The lowest weight loss plan costs an average of $299 for a 28-day period. And yet, these plans require special, pre-portioned foods, or instruct you to cut out certain foods that are part of a healthy diet. These plans teach you nothing about the eating process, your own body or becoming self sufficient with eating while melting and keeping the extra weight off.

You become dependent on their theories and disconnected from yourself. It keeps you from finding a permanent solution. 

This program and everything it includes, the coaching, training, my personalized attention, and step by step guidance that includes everything you will need to reach a permanent solution for only one full-payment of $997 or three convenient, monthly payments of $367.



Receive AN EXTRA 30-minute coaching session with me. 

You’ll be able to use this anytime during your program.
This is perfect if you want some more private time with me, need some mindset help, want to get unstuck, hear what I see is possible for you or to simply iron out your next steps as you wrap up the program.
$297 value