Have You Faced A Big Transition In Your Life?


Many women, who because of some wake up call in their life:
  • A Divorce or marital problems,
  • Serious Illness,
  • Death In The Family,
  • Empty Nest,
  • Changing Careers,
  • Entering or Re-Entering The Workforce 


Find themselves facing that dreaded:
“OMG! I am starting to look like my mother!” moment after years of ignoring their own needs and self-care.
This is exactly the position I found myself in…  And like many women, who give and give and give, it takes a big change before we realize we need to care for ourselves.
I was surprised how my health had declined, I felt older than my years, and I had put on extra weight. I felt uncomfortable in my own body. I almost didn’t even know who I was after focusing so intently on everyone else. (Moms, we can relate, right?)
You know how you got here. Yes there are nutrition skills you need to learn. I’m here to help with that, but that alone isn’t enough. You have to go a little deeper.
I can help you emerge victorious from this place.
If you don’t tackle this now, you will forever wonder, “What if?” You’ll forever think that you didn’t have what it takes, when in fact, there were just some educational pieces missing.