Leslie Gjonbalaj shows professional moms how to simplify their life with a practical approach to beauty, rejuvenation and weight loss. She has been teaching professional moms how to “Make it your turn now!” since 2010.

She is formally trained in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science and is a Registered Dietitian (RD).

After working in the traditional Dietitian roles in hospitals, public health and school districts, she realized her path needed to take a different turn. She longed to root her professional practice in prevention and health optimization, instead of “disease management.”

In 2010 she founded, “ELA,” an acronym for “Eating and Living Awareness” to signify the need of a stronger focus on awareness of our daily lives and the eating process – not just the food we eat or don’t eat. It was then that she created her signature “Conscious Eating Techniques,” a systematic approach to eating that leads to freedom with food and eating, while accomplishing lasting weight loss.

As her journey evolved, and after several major life transitions, she decided to further focus her practice to fill the gap of so many women who feel lost after undergoing major life changes.

At around the same time, Leslie noticed her clients needed support on detoxifying their lives. She did extensive research on the various toxins that contaminate our food supply, environment, home and beauty products we use every day. She earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach and serves as an expert and resource for her clients in clean eating and living toxin-free.

Leslie lives with her husband and son in Laguna Hills, CA. She loves the outdoors and can be found hiking in the Orange County Area most weekends.